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Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is needed if the tooth has a large deep cavity, has cracked or has had a traumatic injury, all which can lead to the nerve inside the tooth becoming infected.

If an infection is not treated, a dental abscess may form, leading to swelling and infection of the jawbone. When this occurs, the only two options are root canal therapy or the removal of the tooth.

The inside of the tooth contains blood vessels, and nerve endings, which is the primary reason why toothache is often an indicator of something wrong.

Root canal treatment xray

Symptoms of Pulp Disease or Damage

As mentioned, a diseased tooth pulp may lead to infection or inflammation. Symptoms may include:

  • Spontaneous or unprovoked pain
  • Pain or sensitivity to hot and cold foods and drinks
  • Loose tooth/teeth
  • Gum swelling near the tooth
  • Swelling of the face

If you are experiencing toothache, extreme sensitivity, or swelling of the jaw area, it is important to contact your dentist as soon as possible before the infection spreads further and pain increases.

It is possible for the pulp to be diseased without any of these symptoms, but it will be detected through dental X-rays or special tests.

Root canal treatment usually involves two visits, the first to clean out the infected nerve canals, disinfect and dress the tooth, and the second to seal the cleaned canals and place a filling. Following root canal treatment the tooth is weaker than normal and often a crown is required to prevent the possibility of the tooth breaking in the future.

Many people have heard horror stories about root canal treatment; however, with Dr. Vinny’s extensive post-graduate training and state-of-the-art equipment your experience will be quick, calm and pain free.

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